7 ideas for how to beat autumn melancholy

7 ideas for how to beat autumn melancholy

It is getting colder outside, days are getting shorter and we have less and less energy. Fortunately, there are many ways to rebuild our forces and spend this grey season in an inspired way. Here are 7 ideas for how to beat autumn melancholy!

Fall is coming...

1. Relax

It is good to find ourselves during the week just for us, to calm down and break our everyday affairs. This moment can be spent by reading a book over a cup of tea or coffee. It can be a long, hot bath with relaxing music. Or it may mean watching the favourite series, nesting under the soft blanket. It is important to be something just for us and, preferably, to become a regular ritual.

2. Take your power out of nature

Do you feel how, from one day to the next, you have less and less energy? Count on the strength of natural ingredients! A cup of warm water with lemon and ginger, drunk in the morning, when you wake up, will not only help you awake, but it will cleanse your body of toxins and increase your immunity. Try a green cocktail, rich in vitamin C - for example, parsley, lemon, apple and orange. You will find many other tasty and healthy recipes on the internet.

3. Bring tastes of autumn in the kitchen

Autumn is full of unique tastes. It is a season for pumpkin soup, a carrot cake and plum jam. The internet is full of inspiring recipes and ideas for seasonal dishes, which make it easy for you to try your culinary skills. Try to make something special to celebrate this season gastronomically!

4. Discover your artist soul

You do not have to be an innate artist to create something of your own invention. Creative activities help develop creativity and manual skills. Embroidery, painting, craftsmanship, calligraphy or decoupage are great ways to spend time in the grey autumn days! Maybe you will make Christmas presents by yourself this year? :)

5. Take an atypical walk over the weekend

Walking is a relaxation for both the body and the soul. Because during the week it is hard to find time to get in touch with nature, it is worthwhile to use the weekend to take a walk during the day. For the walk to be more interesting, you can give it an unusual character. Here are some atypical walking ideas:

  • The herbalist’s walk – Prepare a list of plant species that you want to find during the walk and gather leaves to dry (it is best to dry them between the pages of a book). After a few walks, you could have a whole bunch of interesting, very beautiful memories in herbal album! It is enough to stick the dried plants into a notebook and write their names.
  • The discoverer's walk - Try to find new places near your home. Perhaps you did not know that just around the corner there is a charming square. Or that there is a splendid little park that has been hidden so far?
  • The cultural walk - Art is everywhere around us, in a form of sculpture or an architectural element like a gazebo. Challenge yourself to find 10 such interesting objects during the walk.
  • The photographer’s walk - It is worth trying to capture nature in photos. It really stimulates sensitivity for beauty and all you need is just a phone with camera. Try to take a series of photos with a chosen theme (for example, tree bark) during a walk.

6. Organize meeting evenings

Long autumn nights are a great opportunity to meet with family or friends for a movie night or game night. Plan a movie marathon with a specific theme. Get ready with table games, puzzles and cards. Each person will bring one’s favourite snack. Maybe it will become a weekly, regular meeting?

7. Transform your home

Autumn may seem sad and grey, but even the smallest changes can do wonders! Enchant interior of your home and fill it with new energy. Rearrange the furniture, put a new painting on the wall, buy a flower in a pot... Any change, no matter how small, will positively influence the way you feel.