About Accent

Accent, talent placement company since 1995

What we do.

Accent is a talent placement company. This means that we are an important link between talent on the labour market and employers. For jobseekers, we are a job coach, identifying and helping them discover their talents. For companies, we are a true HR partner, not only looking for the right talent for the right job, but also providing advice and support to retain that talent.

Why we do it.

Our dream is that “we will embrace every talent and spark joy in their lives”. We want to get every talent, whatever their shape, size or colour, into the right place and, by doing this, achieve maximum job satisfaction for them. That’s because people who are happy in their jobs stay with the same employer longer, perform better and are important for the growth of any company. A win-win situation!

Stijn Vandervorst

CEO of Accent

We believe that people are so much more than their CV. People have stories, a past, desires, goals, dreams. When we truly embrace them, we can achieve so much more and make a far greater difference to them.  

What’s more, we are convinced that everyone genuinely does have a talent or, to put it more strongly, everyone is a talent. We see it as our job to discover the talent in all our temporary agency workers.    

The third component of our dream is all about fun. Work ensures that you can get ahead in life. It offers you the chance to grow, the chance of satisfaction, the chance of inclusion. Job satisfaction is therefore something to which we attach particular importance.

How we do it

Our dream perfectly reflects the culture of our organisation. But to make the dream tangible, we have three values that we pursue.

> The first value is ‘stay gutsy’. For our clients, this means showing genuine interest in their business and listening to their needs and requirements. For our candidates, this means looking beyond a CV or cover letter, putting effort into really getting to know each candidate and focusing on their talent rather than their experience – just as a real job coach would. Here with us, every Accenter treats the person they are speaking to like a close friend.

> Our second value is ‘stay gutsy’. At Accent, you are given the space to try, to be enterprising, to take risks, to make mistakes. Being bold has long been part of our DNA. It has brought us to where we are today: one of the big HR players in Belgium. In our early years, we were seen as an enfant terrible. Now we are seen as an example for the sector. We dare to tread new paths, like true pioneers. We are still the innovators, and we definitely want to stay that way, which is why we ask all our employees to show courage. We would rather you be bold and make mistakes and learn from them than always play it safe. And, even in difficult times, we always choose the right path rather than the easiest one. We make a point of staying gutsy.

> The third value is most closely aligned with our primary mission: ‘go pro’. Our founders made the bold choice 25 years ago to focus on the smaller segment of temporary work with a permanent employment option – the most sustainable approach to temporary agency work. We prefer quality and professionalism over quantity and focus on like-minded clients who are willing to pay a little more for all our additional services. We are not about putting people in pigeonholes. We are all about individually placing talent in the right environment and matching desires and expectations as human beings. This is customisation with a personal touch, not an industrial assembly line. Go pro therefore means that we are and remain professional, always, everywhere and with everyone. We do this by learning from each other, by coaching each other, by always striving for better, by helping each other and by sharing experiences. We exude that professionalism every single day, towards colleagues, candidates and clients. Go pro is for all of us.

Accent Group
Accent Group

Over the years, Accent has continued to expand its offering, establishing specialised companies and making strategic acquisitions.

Stay tuned
Stay tuned

Standing still is not for us, quite the contrary. Read our latest updates and news items here.

Sustainability at Accent
Sustainability at Accent

Ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities in the labour market, regardless of which employer. That is what we strive for. And we only like temporary work when there is also an option for permanent.