Open-minded. This is how we work.

Working with Accent? That’s opting for a recruitment partner for the long term. Our job goes beyond searching for the right candidate. We aim for a match that lasts between the two parties. We see this as a true partnership: we’re in this together.

Accent is into open-minded hiring, with anonymous CVs

With open-minded hiring, the employer meets new candidates with an open mind, based on predetermined criteria that are important to perform the job well. We have opted for anonymous CVs so that the focus is entirely on the candidate’s qualities. You will not find things like name, place of residence or age on our CVs. We also aim for as many open selection events as possible, skipping the CV phase. Accent job coaches, of course, still personally get to know each candidate during thorough screenings. Only once we are convinced that there can be a match between the candidate, job content and company culture do we introduce the candidate to the employer.

More on open-minded hiring

Getting to know you: focus on job content and company culture

A vacancy is much more than a summary of competencies and skills sought. During the intake interview we get to know as much as we can about your company, the role, the workplace and your company culture. Your future employees no longer make their decisions solely on the basis of job content. They also want to know whether there are good links to public transport, whether lunch is eaten together, what the options are in terms of flexible hours and working from home, and so on. 


For certain, specific vacancies, we find it important to visit you ourselves to experience exactly what the job entails. We call this job tasting. After all, our staff can only find the best candidate for your vacancy if they themselves fully understand what the job entails.

How we look for the right candidate for the job

After we have gathered all the information and formed a complete picture of the job, we advertise the vacancy in various ways. We use our own website and app for this as well as external job boards, social media and Google Ads, etc. A job day tailored to your company is also an option. Ask your Accent contact about this.

In addition to the written vacancy, we also use video vacancies. The videos give candidates a unique look behind the scenes, allowing them to form an even more complete impression of the job and thus better assess whether the job is for them. And that in turn results in higher-quality applications: video increases conversion by up to 35%.

All our candidates are thoroughly screened before being introduced to you

Candidates applying for vacancies are always thoroughly screened by us. That way, we can make sure that the candidates we introduce to you are a fit for the job and your company. Requesting references is a standard part of this process. In addition, we also have several professional tests available to us, with which we can measure certain skills and competencies of each candidate if necessary. 

  • We have a Talentspotter tool, which we use to measure the capabilities of technical profiles. 
  • We have created a soft skills test, which allows us to find out the kind of corporate culture in which the candidate flourishes and how they prefer to behave in a team. 
  • We partner with Cebir, giving us access to 86 professional tests to map competencies.

Job events and guidance

To be able to tap into the current labour market quickly, we like to arrange certain job events in advance. We select the most suitable candidates for the job. 

They come and introduce themselves at these pre-arranged job events. When we introduce a candidate to you, we often attend the interview ourselves too. This way, we learn even more about your company culture and the job. If the interview goes well, we can help make concrete arrangements relating to pay and starting the job. You can either rely on the flexibility of temporary agency workers or opt for a direct hire. Here you will find the different formulas we offer. 

If the candidate is not taken on, our presence in the interview allows us to recruit even better for you.

We minimise your paperwork

Convinced? In that case, we will get everything ready so that your new employee can get off to a smooth start. 

As a user of temporary agency work, you are in charge and will supervise the employee and be responsible for welcoming and training the employee and ensuring their safety in the workplace. Together, we will sign a work post sheet at the start of employment that clearly defines these responsibilities. 

After that, your paperwork will be limited to communicating and confirming your new employee’s performance. You can do this via our e-Connect platform. In addition, we will be happy to assist you with advice on topics such as recruitment, HR, social legislation or safety. We can do this before, during and after your new employee starts work.

Timely evaluation and adjustment are important to us

Our job isn’t done after the contract’s signed. It’s important for us to get feedback at regular intervals, during development interviews and appraisals. 

We organise five set occasions to discuss developments with your new employee: a phone call after the first working day, upon receipt of the first payslip, after one month, etc. We find that this significantly increases retention. Moreover, it helps us keep our finger on the pulse so that together we can make quick adjustments where necessary. 

Finally, we also evaluate the partnership twice a year. We expect your honest feedback and are happy to provide ours as well.

Think you’d like to partner with us?

If so, we would be happy to come by to get acquainted. Feel free to tell us what type of employee(s) you are looking for. Then we will put you in touch with the right people.

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