5 reasons for working through Accent

Reason 1: You will always find a specialist Accent office near you

As you look around the city you live in, you might wonder why we have so many different Accent offices. That’s quite simply because we have specialist offices for every type of job. For example, we have offices for those looking for something in the construction sector, offices you can go to for a job in the hospitality industry and even offices specialising in the automotive sector. By working in this manner, we are sure to fully understand your needs and requirements and to be able to look for a job for you that suits you perfectly. Discover which sectors we specialise in, and find the right Accent office near you.

Reason 2: At Accent you will find jobs with the prospect of a permanent contract

Looking for a new, first or better job? Or is it time for a complete career change? At Accent, you can choose from thousands of jobs from all sectors and in all regions of the country. We often start with a temporary agency or interim contract. That gives you the freedom to find out if the job is really for you. If it is what you expected, we always offer you the prospect of a permanent contract. That is the deal we make with the employers we work with.

Reason 3: Accent wants to make your job and the entire job market better

Work is fantastic. But honestly, there are also things about work that suck. That’s why Accent is keen to unsuck your job and the whole job market, with equal opportunities for all. We listen to you, look beyond your CV and aren’t afraid to suggest things you haven’t thought of yourself.

Reason 4: We have opted for open-minded hiring, with anonymous CVs

Too often, candidates still miss out on a job interview due to the unconscious biases of companies looking for talent. We are addressing that, with open-minded hiring. We have opted for anonymous CVs so that the focus is entirely on your qualities. No name, no age, no discrimination.

Reason 5: We have a handy app to make your life easier

If you start working through Accent, the MyAccent app is guaranteed to become your new best friend. Sign a contract? Check and confirm your hours worked? Chat with one of our job coaches? You can do it all with the de MyAccent app.