Employee becomes ambassador: Nazeer’s story

Employee becomes ambassador

Some success stories stay etched on your retina longer than others. The inspirational story of Nazeer is one of them.

Working as a consultant at Accent is all about changing people’s lives. Matching a job seeker to his or her dream job produces quite an adrenaline boost, each and every day, and at all Accent branch offices. Of course, some success stories stay etched on your retina longer than others. The inspirational story of Nazeer is one of them.

A young man with ambition

‘If I can dream it, I can achieve it.’ That is the motto of Nazeer Alrass, an ambitious young man who was born in Syria 26 years ago. Unfortunately for Nazeer, the country of his origin did not offer him adequate career prospects. If he wanted to obtain a diploma he would have to do so in another country. And so he did. After five years of hard work, Nazeer was conferred a degree in engineering from the University of Suez, in Egypt. That done, he joined his family who had fled to Belgium.

Intensive Dutch language course

Upon his arrival in Geel Nazeer enrolled in an intensive Dutch language course. After six months his grasp of the language was good enough for him to start looking for a job. With his diploma from the University of Suez in his pocket he went in search of a white-collar job at various oil and drilling companies, but despite his outstanding linguistic skills he was not considered for the positions to which he aspired. Nazeer then approached the Employment Service in Geel and signed on as a labourer for drilling water wells. Soon, it became clear that he actually had other ambitions and talents. A few weeks later he continued his search for a job in engineering.

Introducing Accent

At the recommendation of Natalia from the Employment Service Nazeer visited an Accent branch office in September 2018. And then the ball started rolling. Consultant Kawtar noticed immediately that Nazeer had a lot going for him and organised a job interview for him with Renotec, a company based in Geel that restores and renovates buildings, monuments and works of art. Nazeer succeeded in convincing the CEO of his capacities through his proficiency in the Dutch language and his highly motivated attitude. It was clear that he had done extensive research into the firm and its activities beforehand. That he did not have any relevant on-the-job experience was not as important for Renotec. After all, everyone has to start somewhere!

Employee turns ambassador

A little less than a month after Nazeer walked through the door at Accent he was able to get started as a site manager at Renotec. And, according to what his colleagues say about him, he carries out his job well and with enthusiasm. Even better: Renotec asked Nazeer if he would be willing to put himself forward as one of the faces of the company; another opportunity that Nazeer was happy to grasp. So, if you spot a Renotec van passing by today you can’t help but notice Nazeer’s smiling face on it! What’s more, the part played by Accent in this wonderful story makes us as proud as a peacock.

Are you, just like Nazeer, looking for an opportunity to find a job that is perfectly matches your interests and ambitions? Step into an Accent branch office or apply for one of the job vacancies. We will be happy to help you!