They wrote about us!

They wrote about us

Interview with Anna Gaik – General Manager of Accent Foreign, a branch of the Belgian employment office Accent Jobs.

You started working as an office manager at Accent in Gent a few years ago. Today you are the General Manager of the Accent Foreign branch. What is your recipe for success?

My adventure at Accent Jobs began over 10 years ago. Today I can boast that I am leading a great team of almost 100 people. My recipe for success? Very simple, surround yourself with people who value the same values as you do. For me it's honesty, open communication and willingness to act. It's best if you love your job and that it becomes a passion for you. For me, every day is a challenge and an adventure. Despite the passage of time I am still learning and returning home satisfied.


Why is it worth looking for a job through an agency?

Agencies cooperate with many companies from various industries, both local and international. Thanks to our network of contacts, we are able to present the candidate's profile to several employers simultaneously, which definitely increases their chances of finding the job they need. In addition, Accent consultants are not limited to offers in their database but are actively looking for new employment opportunities, often by establishing cooperation with new companies with employee deficits. We also help in creating a professional CV, taking into account the experience, predispositions and interests of the candidate. In addition, we make sure that everyone feels good in the new workplace.


What are your reasons for choosing candidates?

 Everyone seeking a job with us is welcome. I know from experience that the motivation and willingness of a candidate to work are very important. Whether they find a job quicker or will have to wait a little, it depends on factors such as skills, knowledge of foreign languages and freedom of movement. At Accent, however, we believe that everyone has a dream job somewhere, sometimes you just need a little patience to find it.


If we have a temporary employment contract, do we have a chance to take out a loan?

Of course. We have assisted our employees in obtaining such loans many times. Naturally, it is important for the bank to receive assurance that the contract will be signed after the trial period on a permanent basis. We also know that banks have a different attitude towards this type of temporary contracts, but it is certainly not out of the question.


What distinguishes Accent Foreign from other employment agencies in Belgium?

A great deal! First of all, the fact that we focus on finding work with the option of permanent employment. Our goal is achieved when a person employed through our office receives a permanent contract. Accent has the largest network of offices in Belgium, thanks to which we know employers and the demand for employees in a given region. This also applies to our Foreign Recruitment offices. At the moment, in Belgium, we have 36 offices in which consultants from various countries (including Poland) help their countrymen in finding the best job possible. Furthermore, each Accent Foreign agency specialises in specific profiles and so we have offices focusing on the construction, industrial and technical industries (e.g. mechanics, electricians) as well as the ‘Food’ and ‘Logistics’ departments – job offers in the food and transport sector. We are proud to say that the consultants working in our offices are specialists who know the needs and profiles of candidates, thanks to which they are able to create a professional portfolio and make a ‘perfect match’, that is, to best match the employer and employee.